part XI

Musik für Milben


Music for animals (Music for Dust Mites)
Installation : Video : Live Audio
: Composition

location: Werk IV . KIRSCHAU : Germany July 2010
duration: 12 min

Installation: looped audio / cd player / 6 loudspeaker / microscop / video cam + flat screen monitor

Video: HDV . Sound, Color 4min 44 sec

Music: Marek Brandt: Fieldrecordings, Laptop, textil machines,


Music for dust mites. Installation / Performance made in Kirschau / Germany at the "Werk 4" an ancient textil industry building, using the dust of the textil industry and an microscope, recorded the sound of the (partially still existing machines) and searched for the best dust.
The animals I was playing for are 0,3 mm to 4 mm big and fast, they are living in dust and textil at home or everywhere where you could find dust, textile, human skin particles, hair and some of the mites are resting in other animals.. For this MFA I was choosing the animals because normaly they get only anti- reactions and are fighted and killed anyway. Composing a soundtrack for the very very small animals and running a press campaign to get the ancient workers back in their factory. Installing the microscope, connecting speakers, videocamera and a screen to record the dust mites in the textil dust.

this performance / installation was presented during the obPHON Festival in Kirschau / Germany.

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Marek Brandt . Music for Animals - Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken (HG Andrea Jahn) (Txt: Katharina Ritter) 2014
Photos: Music for cust mites . Installation / Kirschau 2010 (Obphon) Festival