part X

Music for Crows


Performance : Video : Live Audio : Composition

location: LEIPZIG. ROSENTAL : Germany
duration: 22 min
video: 6.50 min . Pal . colour . HDV / mini DV /
Kamera: Guillermo Fiallo
Montero, Robert Beske
Music: Ekkehard Friebe (Cello) | Marek Brandt Electronics, Laptop, Fieldrecordings


A Tree,
Helium Ballon,
Wireless Speaker

Part 10 of the music for animals performance series. Leipzig, Germany, a crow colony. A meeting Point in a park, near the city, some urban signs (Houses) in the background ... A big Tree on the green and on side of this a helium filled Ballon with a size of more than 2 m. Silent hanging near the Tree. Two persons in the early morning light. A cellist and a electronic musician. No other persons - only crows are invited to listen to the composition. Consisting Fieldrecordings, Cello music and electronic and classical Sounds.


VIP3 Katalog ( | Photon Gallery)
ISBN 978-961-92744-0-8 READ

"Melodien für das Liebe Vieh", Mai 2009,
Page 66, Germany READ
das Leipzig Magazin 2008 "Krähenmusik", 11-08 / Page 68
Marek Brandt .Music for Animals - Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken 2014 (HG Andrea Jahn) (Txt: Katharina Ritter)
Videostills from Music for Crows 2008