part IX

Music for Frogs

music for animals - Frogs - Lyon, France

Performance : Video : Live Audio : Composition

location: Les Subsistance /
Ecole National de Beaux Art Lyon - France - 2007

duration: 43 min

video: 6.43 min . Pal . colour . stereo & ac3 Sound

A Lake,
a Soundsystem,
Video Projection,
Soundsystem / Subwoofer
Fx Sound.
live Sound Composition

Lyon - France, one of the most outstanding Areas where one could find frog legs and other frog related specialities on the lunch table and in the cards of the restaurants ..
The performance was an part of the exhibition "Blaue Blume" - to redefine the idea of the german romantic picture with contemporary art nowadays..

The Video for the Frog-performance was shoot near Lyon on a small Lake in the Lyonaise Mountains, with a Microphon, a Speaker - both on stands, cables. recording devices.

During the performance one day later, the audience was not shure, if this video is an real live stream in real time or an pre-recorded movie. Durin the live performance sounds of german frogs where used and mixed with the french frogs. Further this sounds moved slowly into digital distortion and more fieldrecordings of under water sounds. Towards the end more digital frequenz modulated sounds are added to the composition..

Music for Frogs / Live Performance / Lyon / by Marek Brandt

Katalog: LY - LE (Die blaue Blume)
ISBN: 3-932865-45-6

Marek Brandt .Music for Animals - Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken 2014 (HG Andrea Jahn) (Txt: Katharina Ritter)