part XIV

Music for Dragonflies


Performance : Video : Live Audio : Composition

Location: Lübben / Spreewald : Germany
Duration: 32 min
Video: 6.46 min . 16:09 . colour . / full HD / Sound (short version for Festivals): 4.56 min

Kamera: Marek Brandt
, Norbert Meissner

Music: Simone Weissenfels (E-Piano) | Marek Brandt (Electronics, Laptop, Fieldrecordings)

supported by: Aquamediale, Landkreis Lübben, Stadt Lübben,

Music for Animals Part XIV Dragonflies
Music for Dragonflies performance Lübben, Spreewald 2013:
Marek Brandt & Simone Weissenfels
Music for Animals Dragonflies
Videostill: Music for Animals part XIV: Dragonflies

Music composition for Dragonflies in the small german town of Lübben, played in an area where many different styles of the dragonflies are living. In frame of the Aquamediale Media Art -Festival in public space, Brandt was invited to perform a music for animals performance in this region. The music was composed by Marek Brandt, electronics, sounds, Fieldrecording (on site) and Simone Weissenfels who is a classic trained Piano player and also well knowned improvisational music player. The composition was made special for dragonflies, performed on an island in the middle of some some rivers and very close to the natural living habitat. The musical performance has a very light and playful and fragil approach - that fits perfect to the dragonflies.

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Videostill: Music for Animals part XIV: Dragonflies


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